You said and we listened!

You have been heard.

From now all resellers from all countries can accept all clients from all countries! No more  high risk countries and no more restriction for that!

We have also applied few other things:

- IP connection daily limit has been increased 2 times

- Increased max files uploaded (inodes) per account limits:

Free resellers  - 15000 per account
VIP resellers  - 20000 per account
SuperVIP resellers - 25000 per account

- Given more advantages for VIP and SuperVIP members: free members can no longer redirect 404 error page traffic and enable ads on their client pages. Free members can also have a maximum 1 master domain. We hope this will engage more users to upgrade so we can also keep improving our service.

- As per strong request of our VIP and SuperVIP members we have disabled using .tk domains as master domains (your clients can still add .tk domains). This was heavy abused by dummy users that have no idea what YouHosting service is for. Also it was proven and confirmed by our users that .tk registry ( is stealing domains that starts getting high volumes of traffic.

Near future features?

Yes we prepare some last big changes for YouHosting:

- API integration with BoxBilling – very soon. Actually testing with some selected resellers at the moment.

- New type of file manager system that hopefully resolve all problems related to it – very soon.

- PHP 5.3 upgrade – now testing on some servers! Actually users will be able to choose PHP 5.2, 5.3 or 5.4 version directly from control panel :)

New addon domain system

We have recently improved addon domains system and here is how it works.

Once someone clicks “Addon domains” section on cpanel the new account creation form will show in 2 ways.

1. If user does not have any paid account yes – a regular new account creating form will be displayed.

2. If cliens has at least 1 account upgraded – a special account creation form will open. It will allow client to enter domain and password only – the hosting plan and billing cycle will be automatically inherited from the first upgraded account. Once addon account will be created it will show as it is a part of first upgraded account. In this case advantage that client will not have to pay for new account again and client will be able to host unlimited addon domains with paid hosting plans for free and pay only for the first account that he decides to upgrade. In the same way most big hosting companies work – they allow to host unlimited domains and pay only for one – initial account.

Other notes:

- You can configure how much addon domains client can setup by editing hosting plan.

- When you edit due date for one account the same due date sets for all upgraded (addon) accounts.

- If you change status to the main upgraded upgraded account all addon domains will be get new status too. However you can change status for any addon domain individually.

- Billing cycle change applies for all addon accounts too.

- All addon domains are renewed automatically once client pays invoice for the main upgraded account.

- Another advance compared to original cPanel is that all addon account on YouHosting platform are actually separate accounts, all hosted on different servers, having different FTP logins, databases and so on.

YouHosting is hiring staff!

YouHosting is looking for staff!

Do you speak in Spanish, Polish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, Romanian, Dutch or Philippine languages? We have the best job offer for you!

We are launching with our new brand Hostinger in many countries that speak in these languages and we are looking for new people to add to our team. If you’re looking for a challenging career in the web hosting industry, Hostinger is the company for you.

How do we create such a dynamic and enjoyable work environment?

* We only hire great people.
* Our employees are dependable and reliable.
* We encourage learning additional skills.
* The management team actually cares.
* We all work from the comfort of our home.

Sound like a team you’d like to be part of? Excellent – because we’d love to meet you!

What we offer?

* Ability to work from home.
* Flexible work hours (you can combine work with your studies or your current job)
* The best salary in your country for this type of job
* Huge career opportunities (start from helpdesk manager and end by becoming a company director or our franchise owner in your country)

General Requirements:

* Customer service skills
* Love of helping people and love for the Internet!
* Good Internet connection
* Phone & Computer Microphone for Skype
* Fluent in your native language
* Good in English
* Responsible person who can work remotely and independently with little direct supervision
* Good communicator and able to follow instructions


* Copy write and translate texts, emails products etc. from English to your native language
* Provide support to our shared, reseller, and vps hosting customers via ticket system.
* Assist our server managers with any stability and load related issues on servers.
* Respond to and investigate abuse issues (spam/phishing).

Technical Requirements:

* Experience with managing web hosting accounts and domain names.
* Experience with a broad set of web hosting topics and popular open source software (WordPress, Drupal, phpBB, etc.)
* Understanding about Apache, MySQL, PHP.

The available positions are:

* Full-time (40 hours per week, or 8 hours a day)
* Part time (20 hours per week, or 4 hours a day)

To apply, please send a motivational letter and CV (in English language) to Your motivational letter does NOT have to be extensive, but it should tell us something about you and what sets you apart from the rest of the qualified candidates.

Note: Please, mention your Country in the subject of email.

By the way: work interface is very similar to what you see when using YouHositng reseller account, so it is very easy to start :)

Only selected applicants will be contacted.

Thank you!

IP connections tracking

Over the last few months we have seen an increased amount of DDOS attacks directed to our servers. This looks normal as amount of users are increasing in thousands every day. Additionally it is not just a regular servers like other paid web hosts run. Due to our unique cloud architecture we can host much more domains per server, websites’ density is huge. The downside is that the more domains we host per server the more DDOS attacks we get.. Also since most resellers provide free hosting, all the kind of phishers, hackers enjoy our service too.

A regular DDOS attack is when lots of IP addresses (usually it is normal PC’s infected with viruses) are trying to connect to our servers and taking out all resources of it. In most cases it is usually 20-100 computers that try to attack our servers or some website on it. It is easy to block such attacks manually but we do not prefer this way because every day every server gets 1-5 of such attacks, so we had to find a way how to block such attacks automatically and immediately after it starts. So we have implemented IP connections counter.

We actually had to 2 options:

1. do not count any connections from IPs, that means “allow unlimited connections to the servers and enjoy DDOS attacks”

2. or implement some kind of IP tracking and redirecting attackers to other special server that takes all load.

We have chosen option 2 and started counting connections form each IP in 24 hour intervals. We do also count so called “burst” connections that server receives in last 3 minutes. If a certain amount of connections per IP is reached IP address is added to the blocklist and all the following connections for such IP is redirected to the specific URL. You can configure where users that got IPs blocked will be redirected from the Reseller area -> Configure -> Configure Redirections section. In this way you can inform your legimate visitors why they got blocked and offer to visit website later. IP bans expires in 60 minutes and then counter resets zero again.

Unfortunately for security reasons we can’t disclose any information what are the limits for connections in 24 hours or burst connections in last 3 minutes, but we can tell you that these numbers are counted in thousands, so only a very low number of legimate users could be blocked. Moreover: only connections to the PHP and HTML files are counted! Image, javascripts, css, and other files are excluded so it increases accuracy of what exactly should be tracked (DDOS attacks are usually directed to index.htm/php files of websites so we count exactly what it is needed).

After few weeks of testing we see that this tracking works perfectly. Attacks are blocked immediately and automatically after it starts. We got few complains that some legimate users were blocked too, but previously we have been receiving much more complains due to server downtime. Now we have increased server security and also uptime which is almost 99.9% (it is almost perfect and hard to reach even for paid hosting providers).

To summarize - this block is barely noticeable. By using the website like a website, even if you are continually refreshing to see changes while editing pages, will not generate enough connections to get your IP banned. Only specific programs like DDOS tools, website copiers and livechat scripts can trigger this block (such scrips are not allowed to be hosted anyway).

New marketing option: offer free domains!

One of the oldest and best working marketing option is now availabe with YouHositng – you can now offer your clients to register free domain names with paid hosting purchases.

Almost every web host is using this marketing trick in order to sell mroe. Hurry up and setup this for your service too.

Under the paid hosting plan configuration there are 2 options:
- Do not allow free domain registration.
- Allow free domain registration.

Once you choose “Allow” you can also set:
- Register domain for free only for 1 year and renew for regular price
- Register and renew domain for free as long hosting plan is active

Of coure, registering domain names will cost you money, however you will still earn more by selling hosting. You should set hosting plan monthly price to at least $2 in order to benefit from this offer (industry average is around $5-7/mo).

Welcome to YouHosting Blog!

Hello everyone to the YouHosting official blog! Our blog is still under developemnt, but we hope it can bring everyone closer to YouHositng. We will be providing here important news, updates and show some cool evens directly from our office :)

We also plan to give you some tips and tricks so you can mange your hosting company easier and get most from it.